taking flight

UK price: £30.00 (plus £3.00 p p)

ISBN: 978-0-9571811-8-2

Hardback, 192 pages, 297mm x 206mm

Published: July 2014

Mascot Media has published renowned bird artist Michael Warren's second book of colourful sketches from Langford Lowfields, the Nottinghamshire sand and gravel pit being transformed into the newest RSPB reserve. Mike has been sketching the growing number of species (latest count 189) attracted to Langford Lowfields every month since 1989, with this second volume, 'Taking Flight: the Birds of Langford Lowfields', including his monthly sketches from 1999-2014, completing his artistic record of this important wildlife project. Printed in the UK and containing more than 190 pages of MIke's stunning work, 'Taking Flight' includes a foreword by Simon Barnes, who explains that “Mike can make birds live again. Not just the shape and the colours; the movement, the attitude, the moving spirit. He can do this with an elaborate painting, but for me it’s all the more vivid when done – suggested, hinted at – with a few deft and thoughtful lines.