design & production - books



We have produced books, both hardback and soft-cover, for other people, with other people and on our own behalf. We are happy to merely advise, or to participate at any level of the book production and publication process. We can help with updating and reprinting existing titles (such as 'South Facing Slope' for Snakeshead Press), turning part-finished design concepts into press-ready PDFs (The Wildlife Art Gallery) or creating an entire book as a commission including format, title, image processing, writing, design, layout, pre-production and printing/distribution (Mary Gundry - Drawn to Southwold).

For Rosie Andersen's book 'Songs of the Trees' we created a design approach that would enable the text to flow in and around artwork commissioned for the project. Each painting had to be scanned and colour matched perfectly, sized and placed, with copy added where required. Cut-outs of details from the artwork, reversed and semi-transparent images and creative crops were all used alongside tinted backgrounds to creative a cohesive framework for Rosie's words and Paul Jackson's paintings.

Working with our state-of-the-art Mac setup, using software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, we can produce simple or sophisticated design concepts involving imaginative use of text and pictures. We are able to acquire, process, enhance and resize images on behalf of authors, artists and galleries, applying design effects during the layout process. We are happy to advise on paper, cover formats and typograhy. Finally, we produce high-resolution files to the chosen printer's specification and carry out a final check at the proofing stage to achieve a fast and cost-effective result.