editorial - editing & proofreading

Subbing is the forgotten art of journalism, but can make a huge difference to a published project. Poor spelling, weak grammar and inaccurate use of punctuation can be blind spots for many. Similarly, rushing or skipping the proof-reading process can undermine beautifully designed or well-written pieces. Marion has been a sub-editor throughout her working life, bringing decades of experience to the printed page. From being Chief Features Sub for The Independent newspaper, through her many years producing high-quality magazines for The John Lewis Partnership, Marion has strived for editorial excellence and will always apply the same high standards to any publication, no matter how modest. Her most recent major project has been the editing and copy preparation of Carla Carlisle's latest volume of Country Life columns published as A Thousand Acres. Mascot Media can also help non-writers deliver accurate and enjoyable copy for reports, brochures, magazines, books, catalogues and web pages. We can edit copy from a variety of sources, fitting text to pages, writing headlines and preparing captions. We will proof read documents of most kinds, from single-page presentations and newsletters to multi-chapter books. We have expertise in a wide variety of subjects from industry and finance to art and music. Regular subbing, editing and proof-reading clients include Brown Books, United World Colleges, John Lewis Partnership, Boat International, Business Monitor International, Warners Group Publications, SPG Media, The Wildlife Art Gallery, Snakeshead Press and Campbell's Foods.