Fine Print - East Anglia's Artists Celebrate 20 Years of The Norwich Print Fair

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ISBN: 978-0-9929914-5-6

Softback, 144 pages, 220mm x 220mm
Published: August 2015



This book is a celebration of the printmaker’s craft, reproducing highly diverse work by 55 artists with different interests, influences and techniques. The beauty of printmaking is variety and variation, even within editions created by the same artist from the same block or plate. Some readers will be new to printmaking, but printmaking  itself isn’t new at all. Etchings, woodcuts and engravings go back centuries and have always formed an important part of original artistic endeavour. Certain techniques are admittedly newer, but even linocuts predate Picasso! 'Fine Print' is also a tribute to one of Britain’s most enduring and successful specialist art collectives. Over two decades, The Norwich Print Fair has helped educate and entertain. It has introduced the many forms of original print to the uninitiated, raising awareness of often  overlooked art forms and enabling  visitors to its annual shows to acquire high-quality affordable art.