publishing - retailers

As well as being available to order online from this website,
Mascot Media titles are also sold by the following retail outlets:



Jarrold Norwich (all)

Jarrold Cromer (all)

Holt Bookshop (all)

Verandah - Holt, Norwich (PMC, H, TAH, FP, LCB, TEF)

Bertram Watts - Sheringham (BSBT, A&A)

Birdscapes Gallery - Glandford (TAH, TEF, IB, BSBT, CC, PMC, TF, LCB, APMC, A&A, K, FP)

Hare & Hen - Burnham Deepdale (PMC, TAH, H, LCB, TEF, NTN)

Handcrafted - Blakeney (BSBT, TAH, EAADP, PMC, LCB, FP, TEF)

Westcliffe Gallery - Sheringham (BSBT)

City Books - Norwich (BSBT, A&A, NTN)

The Bircham Gallery - Holt (PMC, EEADP, LTG, HBS, TAH, A&A, LCB, TEF, K, APMC)

Pinkfoot Gallery - Cley (H, TAH, TEF)

The Giggly Goat - Norwich (TAH, PMC, FP, LCB, TEF, FP)

Rushlight Gallery - Reepham (TAH, PMC, H, A&A, FP, LCB)

Red Dot Gallery - Holt (TAH, PMC, FP, LCB, TEF)

Baron Art - Holt (TAH, BSBT, PMC, FP, TEF, APMC)

Great Walsingham Gallery (all)

Norfolk Wildlife Trust - Cley (TAH, TEF, K)

Gallery Plus - Wells-next-the-Sea (A&A, APMC)

Throwers, Ludham (L)

Greenhouse - Norwich (TAH, FP, TEF)

Ketts Bookshop - Wymondham (all)



Kestrel Bookshop - Sudbury (PMC, BWB, HBS, H, TAH)

Landers Bookshop - Long Melford (PMC, HBS)

Gainsborough's House Museum - Sudbury (PMC, TAH, FP, TEF)

Wildlife Art Gallery - Lavenham (PMC, HBS, EEADP, TF, H, LTG, TAH, LCB, TEF)

Snape Maltings Bookshop (all)

Snape Maltings Gallery (EAADP)

Browsers Bookshop - Woodbridge (EEADP, DTS, CC, LTG, PMC, TAH, LCB, TEF)

Halesworth Bookshop (all)

Wells Bookshop - Southwold (all)

Leaping Hare, Wyken - Stanton (TAH, PMC, EEADP, LCB, TEF, NTN, IB)

Sea Pictures Gallery - Clare (PMC, TAH, LCB, TEF)

Stillwater Books - Felixstowe (PMC, EEADP, CC, LTG, H, TAH)

Seaweed & Salt - Southwold (DTS, EAADP, L)

Southwold Books (EAADP, DTS, PMC, LTG, H, TAH, L)

Jessica Muir Gallery - Long Melford (TAH, LCB, TEF)

Waterstone's - Bury St Edmunds (TAH, PMC, LCB, TEF)

Waterstone's The Arc - Bury St Edmunds (TAH, TEF, LCB, PMC, EEADP, BSBT, CC)


Hayletts Gallery - Maldon (PMC, EAADP, CC, TAH, LCB, TEF)

Church St Gallery - Saffron Walden (TAH, PMC, H, EAADP, A&A, LTG, LCB, TEF, K, IB)

Red Lion Books - Colchester (all)



Heffers - Cambridge (PMC, EAADP, BSBT, DTS, TAH, A&A, FP, L, TEF, IB, K)

Cambridge Contemporary Art (PMC, EAADP, TAH, LCB, TEF)

Toppings - Ely (TAH, H, EAADP, PMC, TEF)



Blackwell Art & Poster - Oxford (PMC, TAH, TEF)

Bankside Gallery - London (PMC, EAADP, TAH, A&A, FP, LCB, TEF, APMC)

Beach Hut Gallery -  Grange-Over-Sands (PMC)

The Devon Guild of Craftsmen - Bovey Tracey (TAH, PMC, IHE)

Number Seven Dulverton (TAH, PMC, TEF, LCB)

No 18 Gallery - Driffield (TAH)

Down to Earth Gallery - Whitchurch (TAH, PMC, H)

Art in Action Gallery, Waterperrry Gardens - Oxford (TAH, PMC, EAADP, TEF, LCB)

Lilford Gallery - Canterbury (TAH, TEF, LCB)

Singing Soul - Cranbrook (TAH, PMC, TEF, LCB)

Lion Gallery - Leominster (TAH, TEF, LCB, PMC)

For Art's Sake - Ealing (TAH, PMC, TEF, LCB)

Hawksby's Gallery - Haworth (TAH, PMC)

Lombard St Gallery - Margate (TAH, TEF, LCB, PMC)

The Leaping Hare Gallery - Easingwold (TAH, EAADP, PMC)

Bourneside Gallery - Dorking (TAH)

Whitehouse Gallery - Kircudbright (TAH)

Mere Gallery, Bowness (TAH, PMC, H, TEF, LCB)

IO Gallery - Brighton (TAH, PMC, TEF, LCB)

Emma Mason - Eastbourne (PMC)

Courtyard Gallery - Minehead (TAH)

West End House Gallery - Smarden (TAH, PMC, H)

The Art Nest - Hitchin (PMC, TAH, FP)

RSPB Various (TF)


Title code

PMC = The Printmaker’s Cat

BSBT = Blue Skies and Boat Trips

IHE = In His Element 

CC = Coulter’s Countryside

EAADP = East Anglia - A Different Perspective

DTS = Drawn to Southwold

BWB = A Bond With Birds

TF = Taking Flight

H = Halcyon

LTG = Light Through Glass

TAH = The Artful Hare

A&A = Afloat & Ashore

FP = Fine Print

L = Landmarks

TEF = The Elegant Fowl

LCB = The Little Chicken Book

K = Kaleidoscope

NTN = From Norfolk to Normandy

IB = Ice Bound

APMC = A Printmaker's Christmas